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Side Quest: Frostpunk Escape Room To Launch In August

The dystopian video game Frostpunk is set for another adaptation this Summer. Publisher Board&Dice has announced that it will launch an escape-room-style game, called Side Quest: Frostpunk, which is slated for launch at Gen Con 2024 in August.

The Frostpunk video game, and its subsequent board game adaptation, are notorious for being challenging and for forcing harrowing decisions. Whether the escape room setting replicates those feelings remains to be seen, but the publisher has promised “engaging puzzles, an interesting storyline, and difficult decisions” as players take on the role of scouts heading out into the frozen wasteland.

The Frostpunk World

Polish game studio 11 Bit Studios launched the original Frostpunk video game in 2018. In the game, the world is in a state of perpetual winter, with storms dragging temperatures down to -150°.

The steampunk theme means cities are powered by coal and players must use steam-powered generators to heat buildings and keep citizens healthy. As well as the threat of the cold and impending storms, Frostpunk also has the usual city-building hazards. Players must harvest and manage resources while building and upgrading the city.

Frostpunk is a little different from the usual city-building fare in the harrowing decisions it forces on players. Will players put children to work or make the entire workforce put in double shifts? What should they do with the sick and amputees?

Side Quest: Frostpunk

Frostpunk Revolt

In the videogame, players send out teams of scouts to find new locations and secure loot. Side Quest: Frostpunk sees participants take on the role of these scouts. Groups of up to four can take part, or brave players can even attempt it solo. It comes from the same team that developed similar games based on Nemesis and 7th Sea board games. Side Quest will launch at the Gen Con 2024 expo in August this year.

Side Quest: Frostpunk will be the latest addition to the Frostpunk world. As well as PC and console games, there is a board game, and Frostpunk: Beyond The Ice mobile game. A second installment in the main video game series is due out on July 25, 2024.

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