About Us

I’m Matt Jackson, founder, editor, and writer of DystopiaDaily.com: a website dedicated to providing news, reviews, and guides to board games, video games, and other related content.

I started playing video games back in the days of Jet Set Willy and Electro Freddy on the Amstrad CPC 464. I graduated to the Sega Mega Drive before moving on to Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Although primarily a console gamer, I do indulge in some PC gaming. Apocalyptic and dystopian survivals are my game of choice, but I love a 4X or RTS game, too. I’ve also written news articles for some video gaming industry sites.

I am newer to board gaming. I played some Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit as a kid, and the occasional game of Risk when I was a bit older. But, a few years ago, after playing Ticket To Ride, I went all in. I go to a board gaming group once a week, play a long all-day-and-evening session once a month, and constantly badger the family to play games at home. I’ve even bought and filled a Kallax, (a necessity for board game geeks), and regularly play online at boardgamearena.com, 18xx.games, and rally-the-troops.com.

Modern board gaming is gaining in popularity. There is a ton of new games being launched by some incredible game designers. Kicktstarter and Gamefound also offer great opportunities for smaller, independent developers, as well as those looking for the next big thing in gaming. Sites like Tabletop Simulator, Board Game Arena, and Rally-The-Troops offer the chance to play online, and there is a burgeoning community of great YouTube content creators, too.

DystopiaDaily.com will bring reviews, comparisons, and guides of some classic games, as well as the latest to hit FLGS shelves. And, while I haven’t played every board game, and I lose a lot more often than I win, I’ll be lresearching and publishing “best of” articles and strategy guides.