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Frostpunk: Beyond The Ice Mobile Game Open For Pre-Registration Now

Com2uS, NetEase Games, and 11 Bit Studios have partnered up and are in the process of launching the Frostpunk mobile game, Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice. The game has entered pre-registration and hopeful gamers can pre-register to install the frozen city survival game now.  

The Original Frostpunk

The original Frostpunk video game crossed a lot of genres. It was primarily a city builder, tasking players with harvesting resources, building and upgrading buildings, and managing their population. But the impending threat of that population freezing to death meant it was also a city survival game. Set in an alternate 1886, and utilizing steam technology, it was very much a steampunk setting, too. Players were also given some harrowing decisions to make, especially when it came to setting laws and deciding the fate of their citizens.

It proved something of a hit with reviewers and gamers, scoring generally positive reviews from all.

The Start Of A Franchise

Such was its popularity that the game saw four expansions: The Fall of Winterhome, The Rifts, The Last Autumn, and On the Edge. There was even a Frostpunk board game, and 11 Bit Studios has announced that a second title is coming in 2024.

Frostpunk: Beyond The Ice

In the meantime, fans will be able to play a free mobile version of the game titled Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice due for launch at the end of January. The game looks similar to the original title, with some obvious optimization changes and tweaks for mobile devices. But exploration, law enactment, harvesting, and building are all evident in the trailer video.


And, those that are interested can sign up now for pre-registration on Google Play Store and the App Store, so they can install the game as soon as it is launched. Pre-registration is only open to prospective players from the U.S., UK, and Philippines.

The game is being launched by 11 Bit Studios, the team behind the original title, in conjunction with Chinese mobile game studio NetEase Games and published by South Korean firm Com2uS. NetEase has previously been involved with publishing games like Dead by Daylight Mobile, EVE Echoes, and The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War so it does have history in this area.

Being fans of the original title, we know it’s difficult to find other games like Frostpunk, so fingers crossed that NetEase does a good job on this one and avoids any pay-to-win or gacha models.

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