Amazon Prime Launches First Fallout TV Show Trailer

Fallout is, with a couple of notable exceptions, the perfect game franchise. Fallout 76, at launch, was soleless and characterless. And Fallout 4, although critically well received, didn’t do well with long-term players of the franchise. But, New Vegas was as close to perfect as an RPG can get, and Fallout 3 did an exceptional job of reinventing the series. And for all its critics, Fallout 4 still managed to combine post-apocalyptic grittiness with tongue in cheek humor that sets Fallout apart. It’s that combination that has us excited about Amazon Prime’s upcoming Fallout TV series.

A Familiar Feel But A New Story

The TV series is set to launch on April 12 on Prime Video and will launch in . While it isn’t based on any specific game or characters from the games, a quick watch of the teaser trailer below shows there are some very familiar faces. The series centers on a previously spoiled vault dweller and also features a vault overseer, a ghoul, and the Brotherhood of Steel. There’s even CX404, which might as well be called Dogmeat.

Like the games, Fallout will be set 200 years after the apocalypse when Lucy, played by Ella Purnell of Maleficent and Army of the Dead, leaves the safe confines of her nuclear vault.

That will sound familiar to those that have played any of the Fallout titles. And that familiarity is OK. The Last Of Us broke the mould when it came to video game adaptations. It was actually good. Brilliant, in fact. And it stuck very closely to the game, with a few bits of original content and unexpected twists to keep viewers and gamers on their toes.

Fallout will look and feel familiar, but even die-hard gamers won’t know the storyline or characters. It will have the same 1950s science-fiction feel buried beneath 200 years of atomic dust and rubble.

Fallout TV Teaser Trailer

Amazon has launched an official teaser trailer for the series.

Other confirmed characters include Maximum of the Brotherhood of Steel played by Aaron Moten, and Kyle MacLachlan as Overseer Hank. Walton Goggins plays The Ghoul, a human that survived the nuclear fallout without turning feral but still bearing the disfiguration of the ferals.

And, of course, there’s CX404, the dog that bears more than a passing resemblance to the German Shepherd, Dogmeat, from Fallout 4.

More Details To Come

The 8 episode series has been developed by husband-and-wife team Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy with Nolan producing the first three episodes. Various execs and producers from Bethesda, the company behind the most recent Fallout games, are also involved. Which explains why it looks to have the right level of grit and grime.

Fans can expect more trailers, images, and details in the coming months.

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