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Fallout 76: Burning Love Event Now Live

The Fallout 76: Burning Love event has now started and will run until February 13. It brings a variety of weekly and overall challenges, with Burning Love related items for completing those quests. The end of the Burning Love event will also see the end of season 15, with season 16 set to arrive in March.

The Fallout 76: Burning Love Event

The Fallout 76: Burning Love event was announced at the end of January and is set to run for two weeks. The event is Bethesda’s unique wasteland-themed take on Valentine’s Day but rather than wooing and courting, players will be burning and killing. Players will receive a Hot Rod Pink Flamer, which is a Flamer with a pink paint job applied.

Using the custom flamer, Fallout 76: Burning Love participants will have to burn their way through different enemies, as part of a team. There are five week 1 challenge sand five week 2 challenges. These include killing ten Gulpers, using the Hot Rod Pink Flamer and while working as part of a team with other challenges asking players to kill Mirelurks, Feral Ghouls, and Overgrown. Completing four of the first week’s five challenges rewards Reinhart’s Jumpsuit. Complete four of the second week’s five challenges grants Rose Tinted Glasses.  If you complete both of the challenges, you will also receive the Pink Fireplace.

There’s also a ton of new related content available in the Atomic Shop.

The launch of the event also coincided with a patch release, which fixed a host of issues with the game. The patches were fairly standard fixes which will be sure to appease anyone afflicted. They don’t have too big a bearing on the game, but it’s good to see problems still being worked on.

Fallout 76 Improvements

Fallout 76 launched in 2018. It would be fair to say it took a critical pasting on its release and definitely wasn’t considered one of the best Fallout games. Primarily thanks to its lack of NPCs. Fallout games are loved for their character and tongue-in-cheek soul, and not only was Fallout 76 a considerable departure from their usual single player games, but the decision to exclude NPCs meant that a lot of the franchise’s heart was missing.

Although initially quite reluctant to add non-playables and expand the storyline with more quests, Bethesda did relent with the Wastelanders update. And, since then, the game has enjoyed a surge in popularity and an improvement in ratings. Most recently, the game has launched the Atlantic City upgrade.

More To Come

2024 is set to be another big year for the franchise. Season 16 launches in March, further Atlantic City content is coming later this year, and Amazon Prime’s new Fallout TV series will launch in April.

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