Subnautica Lego Set Hits 10,000 Supporters – Could Launch Soon

A replica of the Aurora ship, from the survival game Subnautica, has amassed 10,000 supporters on Lego Ideas, which means it will be considered for an official release. Only a small percentage of Ideas make it to official production, however, so there is no guarantee The Aurora will ever see lift-off.


Subnautica is an open-world survival game that tasks survivors with mining resources, crafting items, and, ultimately, finding a way off the planet. The majority of the game is spent underwater with some brief sojourns onto the surface and into ships and bases. The crafting is quite basic, but the underwater exploration is excellent. And there is a near-constant feeling of fear generated by some mean underwater enemies.

Subnautica Success

On Steam, Subnautica gets overwhelmingly positive reviews with 96% of all-time players rating it a positive experience. It performs similarly well on Metacritic, where it receives 87/100 in critic reviews and 8.6/10 in user reviews.

Subnautica Aurora

The Aurora is a significant part of the original game. Players can explore the vast ship once they reach a certain point in the game, and it has plenty of loot to offer. And the ship, which is on the eastern edge of the map, is always visible when players surface.

Following its positive launch in 2014, Unknown Worlds Entertainment launched a sequel to the game, Subnautica: Below Zero. While the Aurora doesn’t feature in the second game, Below Zero does take players back to Planet 4546B, two years after the events of the original title.

The 2021 sequel does get positive reviews, although doesn’t perform quite as well as the original. To date, it has 91% positive reviews on Steam. On Metacritic, Subnautica: Below Zero gets 82/100 from critics but only 6.8/10 from players.

A job posting from Unknown Worlds, in 2022, looking for developers to build the next game in the Subnautica universe all but confirmed a third title in the series.  

Lego Subnautica: The Aurora

The game’s popularity has helped OG Brick Studio’s Subnautica: The Aurora Lego Ideas project surpass the 10,000 supports milestone. This means that Lego officials will now look at the model to determine whether it would be commercially viable to launch the Aurora.

The set has 2,991 pieces and measures 12.5 inches tall by 22.5 inches long and 11 inches wide. Builders will be able to create a replica of the ship before it crashed into Planet 4546B and by changing up to 329 pieces, they can change it to the more recognizable crashed ship variant.

According to the Lego Ideas team, it can take several months to go through the review process and, if the project gets the go-ahead, it still has to go through the longest phase, the development phase, which can also take several months. So, if the project does get the go-ahead, it could be a year or more before we can buy it.

A 2024/25 release of the Aurora Lego set could potentially coincide with a Subnautica 3 release date.

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